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DIY Info

Some people just want to get down and dirty and do projects themselves. They want to work the dirt with their own hands, and we have total respect for that. This is why we offer a variety of materials for all of your DIY projects.

Materials (Retail Prices)

Topsoil (not including delivery)
Regular Topsoil - $22/yd
Pulverized Topsoil - $30/yd
Compost - $17
Garden Mix with regular topsoil - $20/yd
Garden Mix with pulverized topsoil - $23.50/yd
Ground Fill - $15/yd

Mulch (not including delivery)
Hardwood - $34/yd
Chocolate - $38/yd
Colored - $38/yd
Cedar - $42/yd
Chips - $15/yrd
*not including tax

Stone (not including delivery)
Crusher Dust - $17/yd
¾" Crushed Stone (screened) - $17/yd
¾" Base Course (fines) - $17/yd
Breaker Run - $14/yd
1 ½" Round white Stone - $25/yd
Mississippi River Rock ( ¾"or 1½") - $65/yd
Mountain Stone (¾") - $55/yd
Boulder Stone 8"- 10" – market price

Gravel (not including delivery)
Crusher Dust - $17/yd
3/4" Crushed Stone (screened) - $17/yd
3/4" Base Course (fines) - $17/yd
Breaker Run - $14/yd

Fertilizer 18-0-3 by the 50# Bag - $50/bag
Starter Fertilizer $60/bag
SDA Mix Grass Seed (50/50 Quick & Premium) - $275/50# Plastic Edging-$25/20’ stick
Weed Barrier-4’x300’-$130/roll (.15/ft)
Weed Barrier-6’x300’-$180/roll (.15/ft)
Sod Staples-$.15/ea or $75/case
Sod- Call for Pricing
Straw Blanket (8’x112.5’)-$85/roll
Mason Sand-$18/yd
Red Whips - $1/branch
Culverts – Market price

* Call for other grass seed options

Delivery Available - Delivery Cost is based on amount of material and distance to location.

Pick-Up by Appointment - Call or email to set up an appointment

Installation - We offer services to install your product

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DIY Info
DIY Info

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